what the pearlbar squad is saying

These are my favourite, the best way to floss. My mouth and gum health is so much better with this range.

Juanita H.

Love this toothpaste! Best tasting charcoal toothpaste I've tried and I can tell my teeth are so much whiter already!!

Hannah Gibson

Love these picks! I bought them to use on my kids because they don't like me flossing their teeth. A very easy, quick, and environmentally friendly alternative. Thank you!

Bridget C.

I can totally tell my teeth are whiter after a couple uses! I love this toothpaste!

Sarah Thompson

Love these environmentally friendly toothbrushes. I have been using them for a few years now. They are gentle on my teeth while providing an excellent clean and totally biodegradable so gentle on the environment too. I highly recommend PearlBar toothbrushes.

Maxine T.

love Pearl Bar toothbrushes and love what the company stands for. these are the only toothbrushes I will use.

Sharon C.

I love this product, I have been using Pearlbar for about a year now and haven't looked back, leaves a great taste in your mouth, keeps my teeth nice and white, keeps my gums healthy and no fluoride, fabulous, would and have recommended this product!

Bronwyn K.

Detox and clean with minty freshness - what more could you want? LOVE

Bec Wilson

Loving this toothpaste! It's not as black as others I've tried in the past and I love that it doesn't contain potassium sorbate like very other one I've tried.

Karen Lucas